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    1.Cake and 2 pics cookies 1,20€/per person.                                                              2.Cake and cookies , bougatsaki , mini apple pie 2,30€ per person 
    3,Cake and cookies,mini cheese pie,mini sausage pie,mini spinach pie, 2 pieces sandwich tower  3.50.                                                                   4.Pizza margarita 8€ / 8 pieces.Pizza special(ham and bacon) 8,80€/8 pieces.
    5.Sandwich tower (2 pieces) , mini cheese pie , mini sausage pie , mini spinach pie , mini chicken pie , pitsaki , volovan with meat balls 4,70€ / per person
    6.Mini cheese pie , mini chicken pie , mini sausage pie , mini ham pie , tortellini or penne’s with white cream sauce , mini grilled pork souvlaki , salad of choice 6,50€ / per person
    7.Mini yellow cheese pie , chichen pie , Sandwich tower (2 pieces) , lazania soufflé or pastitsio , sausage with bacon , mini grilled chicken fillet , salad of choice 7.40€ / per person
    8.Mini cheese pie ,fried tomato ball, quiche Lorain ,oregon escallop,chicken fillet, oven potatoes,pasta of choice,salad of choice 10.90 € / per person

    Minimum order 10 persons
    Beverages and catering only from Carousel
    All prices included VAT


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