Creative workshops & Group play


Every day and every celebration is an inspiration for us and our little guests to create… So, we organize events where children's play, through painting and craftsmanship, becomes more creative. We organize creative activities throughout the year, even on holidays. Check out our site at FACEBOOK for the next creative activities….


GROUP GAMES (No charge)….

The following games are selected on a daily basis in the playground.

1.Slide battles
2Color trap
5.Time Games
6.pulling the rope
7.Παραδοσιακό γαιτανάκι
8.underground walking
9.Baloon tangles
10Dance Contest
12.Musical wreaths
13.The awakening of green dragon

GROUP GAMES ON CHARGE (Duration 15-20 minutes). Charge 15 € per game.

1.Pirates & Mermaids
Who will find the treasure before the sea is split in two?

2.Crazy Notes
Θα καταφέρει η Μαέστρος Ντορεμι να βάλει τις νότες στο πεντάγραμμο?

3.Cloudy in dreamland
Τι θα συμβεί όταν ο ήλιος πέσει?

4.Bold potatoes & Hairy tomatoes
Vegetables in a fantastic adventure

5.How much noise does a dream make?
When night falls the journey begins

6.The stuttering wishes
What happens when the day is separated by night

7.Adventure in the wild jungle
Safari full of surprises and tangles

8.Ταξίδι με την μηχανή ρου χρόνου
How far will the clocks turn?