Ilioupolis playground
opened on December 27, 1998 with the theme CAROUSEL .. It is one of the first playgrounds in GREECE. The playground area has two
large inflatable toys, a three-storey playroom with slides, balloons, roll, bridge and space for very young children
with soft toys and balloons. Indoor and outdoor seating for party attendants and clients.
Also in OCTOBER 2019 the operation of the children's DISCO for children 7-14 years old, in a separate specially designed fully equipped space and an exclusive seating area for attendants.

Activities & Services


We organize children's parties for children 1-10 years old.

IN DETAILS:In our 22nd year of operation we have organized more than 11,000 children's parties.
Each party is unique and every child and their parents must leave in the end with a wonderful memory.
We are there to help you organize the party you want and have exactly the end result you dream of.
At all parties we offer:


Exclusive room for escorts/Free play in the playground/Team games/Dance
/Unlimited juice consumption (orange or three fruit LIFE DELTA) for kids//Buffet tablecloth
Invitations/Cake/Children's meals/Companion meals/Snack bar for escorts/Experienced staff

Additional amenities.
Decorating the room with balloons/PinesParty gifts.
Face painting/cartoons figures/Thematic Parties/Creative workshops

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Our new activity, which takes place in the new specially designed exclusive hall in the ILIOUPOLIS playground, is a very different and impressive proposition for the children's and adolescent parties.
In an effort to combine the atmosphere of the 80's with the latest in lighting and sound technology, we have created a state-of-the-art DISCO for children and adolescents to give them the thrilling experience of a sophisticated DISCO PARTY


Exclusive room for children and attendants.
Experienced DJ for music and lighting.
Animateur for organizing events, karaoke and games.
Experienced dancer for dance and dance competitions.
Face painting using phosphorescent paints.
Karaoke with cordless microphones
Led rgb, black light, laser, par, disco lights, hidden lights / Bracelets in phosphorous colors / Invitations / Free Drink of Orange Juice, Three Fruit Life Delta and Orange Juice for Kids.

Cost: Friday Saturday Sunday 380 €
Monday to Friday 300 €
Prices do not include VAT 24%.
We recommend the use of white and phosphorous clothing and accessories.

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You can order any design or hero for large size and durable pianos to last the game. Of course we organize the pinch hit at parties in our stores.

Each pint consists of 20 souvenirs, 20 spits or claps, 20 fruity guards and 40 candies.

Cost 45 €.

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We have a range of gigantic figures and mascots for events and children's parties.

Indicatively we have:
Santa Clauss

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We transform our little friends into princesses, fairies, butterflies, Spiderman, batman, sponge boom, kittens, tigers and more using water-soluble colors, absolutely safe for children. At the end of the program gift a wonderful balloon construction to every child.

1.00 hour to 12 children 40 € -45 €

1.30 hours to 20 children 45 € -50 €

2.00 hours to 30 children 50 € -55 €

The first price is for parties held in our stores, the second for events and parties in other areas nearby.

Prices include 24% VAT.

Party & event gifts

A discount voucher of € 3.50 on a child entry fee to CAROUSEL (Monday through Friday) to all party guests (for children up to 2nd Primary)

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Every day and every celebration is an inspiration for us and our little guests to create… So, we organize events where children's play, through painting and craftsmanship, becomes more creative. We organize creative activities throughout the year, even on holidays. Check out our site at FACEBOOK for the next creative activities….


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Decorations - Balloons with Sungas


A new activity of our company is "All time Balloons".

We decorate any space with balloons, simple or foil, with or without sungas and create for you the most beautiful festive atmosphere.

We have a wide range of shows to choose from and create creations perfect for kids parties, weddings, baptisms, inaugurations and generally any personal time.

Our little friends can choose from our stores balloons with favorite heroes like BATMAN, BARBIE, SIMMER & SHINE, UNICORN, HELLO KITTY, MQEEN, PEPPA, PRINCESS, DORA, BLAZE, FROZEN, PAW PATROL and many more. various sizes inflated with air or sungas

You can also choose FOIL balloons up to 84 cm in size for birthdays and anniversaries.

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In our playground, there is a snack bar, where our little guests and their companions can enjoy light snacks, popcorn, ice creams, natural juices (fresh fruit), soft drinks, hot drinks and drinks for the big ones ...

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In our theme parties we can decorate the space and create the atmosphere you want with a specific theme based on heroes cartoons or any other theme you want. The theme party includes the following types based on the theme we choose:
Tablecloth Buffet / Happy Birthday Banner / Kids Dishes / Napkins / Glasses
/ Flags / Decorative Buffets / 20 Balloons With Sun / Drinks
Price 100€

Additional amenities:

Candy Bar with sweets decorated with the theme of the party. 1,50 / pcs.
cake Pops 1.20/τεμ.
Gifts on the theme of the party 2.00 / pc.

Party Themes

Pirates party / Welcome to the jungle / Unicorn / Mickey / Minnie / Princess / Cars / Minions / Spiderman / Peppa / Frozen / P’j Masks / Lego Movie / Paw Patrol

Ilioupolis Playground


Pools, inflatable toys, slides, soft toys.


Children Parties

Organizing a children's party with lunches for children & attendants, as well as photo shooting


Snack Bar

Coffee, soft drinks & drinks for escorts & kids as well as light meals ...


Disco Glow Party

Organizing disco party for older children (8-12 years) with food & drinks as well as photography…

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Thematic Parties

Organizing thematic parties for kids with face painting & other activities, food & refreshments as well as photography…