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Developing a safe playground is a priority for any professional creating an indoor play area. At Carousel, we wanted the area to be fun and to inspire creativity for children, and at the same time we wanted to design an inclusive playground, with large spaces and our primary concern being to reduce the risk of injury.


Design is one of the most important safety factors in a playground. Long before the first kids showed up in our stores, the equipment we chose and the way we adjusted our space were all geared towards the safety and fun of the kids.

We've compiled a list of interior safety tips to start our journey towards safer game design:

We made sure that the playground would not be congested by many children. We provided enough space for the kids to play without hitting each other's equipment. We looked and measured the areas needed for each piece of equipment and made sure we had at least this space around our equipment.
We have carefully selected our playground equipment. We have thoroughly reviewed the safety standards and invested in our equipment from reputable companies with a strong safety support history. We did not invest in used play equipment as it may be nearing the end of its life cycle and may not meet current safety standards.
We carefully looked at the age of the children we are targeting, depending on each toy we placed. Age-appropriate play areas are important, as the same type of equipment can be safe for an older child and safe for a young child.
We made a good safety cover on which all our inflatable units were mounted. So we adjusted the surface to the space based on the equipment we have.


Playground design is only half of our job. Since our play area has been built & put in place, we have been continuously using the following in-house game safety checklists throughout the years to keep our play areas safe at the Agios Dimitrios & Ilioupolis playgrounds:

We inspect our Playground regularly. We check surfaces, game equipment and all areas of the play area for signs of damage or deterioration. We immediately repair damaged parts.
We know the maintenance procedures for our toys equipment and follow them faithfully at regular maintenance.

We make sure that our equipment does not become obsolete over time, and we purchase new safer equipment whenever we notice significant damage to existing equipment.

CAROUSEL playgrounds strictly adhering to all the above rules guarantee the safety of children while staying in our premises, with responsibility, experienced staff and high safety on a daily basis for the last 22 years.

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