The benefits of playing with a child in a playground

Activities like jogging, jumping, climbing, crawling on colored balls and much more can be done in a playground. The benefit of having an indoor playground is that children learn to play and communicate with other children, no matter how cold it is outside. Just because the weather is not ideal does not mean your child cannot play. The playground offers many benefits for the development of children.

Physical activity keeps the heart functioning properly because it is excellent for the cardiovascular system. It also develops your child's flexibility. Flexibility reduces the chance of injury, so it's important not to overlook it. In today's age with current technology, it is easy to have fragmented and inactive children. As a parent, you want to guide your child to make good decisions that will benefit them, and providing your child with spaces where they can play and run freely is the best place to start.

The playground promotes body awareness and motor skills. Children prefer to experiment when playing. Sometimes this involves a somewhat dangerous behavior. In a controlled and safe environment, they can learn the limits of their body without getting injured. It teaches them what their body is capable of doing, which is extremely valuable for self-estιmation.

What are the cognitive benefits?

Children's senses can be stimulated in a playroom. They smell, touch, hear, see, and even try new things, learning about them. It is important for the development of children to understand and process their experiences through their senses. It provides your child with a basic understanding of the world around him. In addition, the senses during play give spatial consciousness. It is important for your child to know the space to understand shapes, sizes, distances and weight. This ability is vital when it will in the future need to optimize math skills at school for example….

Through the game, children try out new vocabulary with their peers and practice their imagination which is very important for creativity.

Most importantly, children express themselves emotionally through play. Interacting with other children will help your child better control their emotions. It is also an opportunity for them to meet and make new friends.

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